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Original Review Score (6 out of 10)

Westfield Downtown Plaza is an open-air mall in the heart of downtown Sacramento. Often considered the heart of Sacramento and gateway to Old Town, this mall has lost some of its luster. Sacramento city officials and Westfield have been wrangling in redevelopment efforts for years.


This mall is quickly becoming dead. While the Piazza court near Macy’s is lively and full of shops, the entire east side is devoid of stores. No other shopping center in the region can generate controversey like this mall.


Most of this mall is an outdoor shopping center, with wide overhangs to shelter visitors from the hot sun. If you look closely, you find a number of eclectic architectural features unique to this mall. However, wide columns block the views. Perhaps a design flaw.

The malls seems to be trying to find an identity, whether festival center for tourists, or upscale shopping destination for locals.


Westfield claims to have 110 stores in the center. The Macy’s here is the largest in the region. The mall hosts a number of national retailers with larger stores in the western half of the shopping center. The eastern half has a lot of vacant store fronts. An enclosed portion of the mall south of the Rotunda court on the Lower Level contains an eclectic mix of shops and is worth investigating.


You’ll find a large enclosed food court on the Upper Level near Macy’s. Other sit-down restaurants, like River City Brewing Company and Johnny Rockets, can be found throughout the center. The area’s only Hard Rock Cafe can be found in the east side.


Westfield Downtown Plaza is located in downtown Sacramento CA. From I-5, take the J Street exit. You can find parking on J Street, between 4th and 6th Streets on the right. Be sure and head over to Old Town for some fun and revelry.


Monday – Friday

10:30 AM – 8 PM


10 AM – 9 PM


12 AM – 6 PM

Anchor Stores

  • Century Theatres 7
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Macy’s
  • Macy’s Men’s& Furniture


Official Site: Westfield Downtown Plaza

Stores: 139

Type: Superregional center

Enclosed: No (Open Air)

GLA: 110,368.811 m2 (1,188,000 sq. ft.)

Levels: 2

Owner: Westfield Centres

Management Company: Westfield Centres

Year First Opened: n/a

Year Renovated: 1993


Size: Large

Architectural Appearance: Dated (-1)

Cleanliness: Truck Stop (-1)

Occupancy: Ghost town (-1)

Stores: Upscale/mainstream

Store Quality: Flagship/Standard

Parking: Average (-0.5)

Location: Very convenient

Services: Website, information booth, printed directories, free stroller rental, free balloons, free wheelchair rental, free scooter rental, free shopping bags, package carry-out, gift cards.

Uniqueness: Nice, but nothing to write home about (-0.5)

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