West Washington Avenue • Sunnyvale, CA 94086-6153

Sunnyvale Town Center has been closed. However, Macy’s is still open for business and there is plenty of parking.


March 2007 update

The property was sold, again. Forum Properties has sold the mall to San Mateo-based Sandhill Property Company and RREEF. A new redevelopment plan awaits.

December 2005 update

The parking garage that obstructed the view of the mall is now demolished. It’s the first time you can see the front of the center since it was built. Already, an improvement. However, no other construction is occuring.

April 2005 update

Well, nothing is happening at Sunnyvale Town Center. Now just a “dead” mall, we are waiting for something to happen. Read on.

February 2005 update

Things aren’t looking so good for this mall. The lender, Lehman Bros., has foreclosed on Forum Development Corp., and the future of the mall is in doubt. Currently, Lehman Bros. and the City of Sunnyvale are shopping for a new developer.

Old review

Despite three good department stores, this mall is all but dead. Entire corridors are completely devoid of any stores. Most are are concentrated between Macy’s and Target. The overall design is dark, with brown tile and poor lighting. A clever atrium in the middle gives the allusion of a serene locale, however,you don’t need to go outside for some peace and quiet. It’s clear competition from the successful Westfield Valley Fair has made a significant dent in sales. However, hope is on the way.


A recent trip with a South Bay native pointed out that she hardly knew a mall was there because you couldn’t see it. A big, ugly, parking garage hides the mall from its main entrance on Matilda. Big mistake that was.


One impediment of Sunnyvale Town Center is the lack of decent access. Downtown Sunnyvale, which I didn’t know existed, is in the middle of nowhere. Many signs on Matilda point towards “Downtown Shopping,” but it isn’t enough.

Although the numerous expressways cross-crossing Santa Clara Valley might be enough for Silicon Valley residents, it might be discouraging to out-of-towners.

Anchor Stores:


Target (coming soon)


Official Site: Sunnyvale Town Center

Stores: 2 (120 originally)

Type: Regional center

Enclosed: Yes

GLA: n/a

Levels: 2

Owner: Sandhill Property Company/Rreef

Management Company: Sandhill Property Company/Rreef

Year First Opened: 1979

Year Renovated: Still waiting


Size: Average (-0.5)

Architectural Appearance: Dated (-1)

Cleanliness: Dirty (-1)

Occupancy: Ghost town (-1)

Stores: Mainstream/tchotcke (-1)

Store Quality: What stores? (-1)

Parking: Front row!

Location: Bring a map, compass, and provisions (-1)

Services: None (-1)

Uniqueness: Run-of-the mill (-1)

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