2086 NewPark Mall • Newark, CA 94560-2011

(510) 794-5523


Mondays – Saturdays

10 AM – 9 PM


11 AM – 6 PM

Score (6 out of 10)

NewPark Mall in Newark has been through a lot of changes. When they first opened, the interior was clad in brown tile. They didn’t do so well and were sold to another developer, who painted it bright green and called it “The Forest.” Well, that concept didn’t take off, either, but they replaced most of the brown tile and gave the interior a decent renovation. Again, the shopping center was sold, this time to General Growth Properties, which is considerably stable.


This shopping center features Sears, Target, Macy’s, and JC Penney as anchor stores.

For the most part, the NewPark Mall nearly full of stores. The Sears end has a lot of stores that look temporary and aren’t your usual fare. In fact, we noticed quite a few stores that had temporary-looking signs. You know the kind, unlit and cheap plastic? There were many tchotcke shops and furniture stores. Somewhat like a shopping center in a decline. A recently announced renovation, which will bring a 20-screen cinema and an interior and exterior remodeling, was shelved in April 2006. No further plans have been announced at this time. In July 2008, Mervyns shuttered its store and the exterior got a new coat of brown paint (finally, the bright green is gone!).


Some restaurants, such as Red Robin, can be found near the entrances. However, a centrally-located food court on the upper level offers a decent selection of eateries and a common seating area.


For the best place to park, use the parking deck between JC Penney and Target.


NewPark Mall is conveniently located at I-880 and the west side of Mowry Avenue in Newark CA. Or, from the south, you can exit at Stevenson Boulevard.

Anchor Stores:

  • JC Penney
  • Macy’s
  • Sears
  • Target


Official site: NewPark Mall

Stores: 142

Type: Superregional center

Enclosed: Yes

GLA: 107,923.696 m2 (1,161,681 sq. ft)

Levels: 2

Owner: General Growth Properties

Management Company: General Growth Properties

Year First Opened: August 1980

Year Renovated: 1985 (Mervyn’s added); 1987 (Emporium-Capwell added); 1993; Aug. 2008 (Mervyn’s closed; new exterior paint).


Size: Large

Architectural Appearance: Average (-0.5)

Cleanliness: Average: (-0.5)

Occupancy: Average (-0.5)

Stores: Mainstream/those found at most malls (-0.5)

Store Quality: Standard (-0.5)

Parking: Average (-0.5)

Location: Very convenient

Services: Website, information booth, printed directories, auto jump starts, Club Noggin, copy/fax service, KidsFun packs, lottery ticket sales, gift cards, postage service, preferred family parking, safety escort, stroller rental, transportation schedules, and wheelchair service.

Uniqueness: Run-of-the-mill (-1)

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